The Moröns (Pronounced MOR-OWNS) are the self-proclaimed 'Quintessential Party Punk Band'. Started in late 2017 and hailing from the depths of "Hick City" (Calgary, Canada), these spastic troglodytes were voted "Most Likely to Say Something Inappropriate at Grandmas House" for good reason. 

In 2019 they were somehow nominated for the ‘Best of Calgary’ award for ‘Live Act of the Year’ as well as the ‘YYC Music Awards’ for ‘Rock Recording of the Year’. Of course, they lost both in glorious fashion, but continue to push on despite their spectacular failures.HERE.

Meet the Moröns...

Robbie Morön

Lead Vox / avid gum chewer

Davie Morön

Guitar / Backups / Naked Air Dryer

G.G. Morön

Guitar / Backups / Bong Rips

Jonny Morön

Bass / Backups / Jumping Jacks & Cartwheels

J.C. Morön

Drums / Liquor Store Enthusiast