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Robbie's Album Release Explanation 

Robbie Morön here, and the following is my personal (and sorry in advance, long-winded) explanation as to how we will be releasing our upcoming album 'Today's Special'.  

We will be releasing the full album on Digital Download and CD only and we will be releasing the album on streaming sites as singles one by one each month. Our first single is the self-titled “anthem” ‘M-O-R-ö-N-S’ and will drop on March 20th. 

So why don’t we just put the whole album on streamers like normal people? First off, if you know me, then you know that ‘normal’ usually pisses me off. Secondly, I’m a firm believer that music is getting the shaft worse and worse every day and I feel like I need to do more to try and curb it as much as possible.  

Let’s start with some perspective… Imagine going into a bar and having no music playing. That would suck and you would probably want to leave and go somewhere with music. Especially when you want to party. Ever party without music? Good luck, worst party ever. We need to party and let out some steam once in a while. We need to have good times and those times aren’t nearly as good without music. Now, a world without music would likely never happen for many reasons, BUT I say this to paint a picture of how important music is. It’s very important. Yet it gets taken advantage of regularly. There are so many people that haven’t bought an album in years and only stream. Not only that, but they have the free versions of their favourite streaming app. These people listen to music all the time and haven’t contributed a dime to it in years. I understand these are hard times and people need to save where they can, but these people are usually also paying $200 a month for cable TV and they haven’t put anything worth watching on there in 20 years. Now, I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money and quite frankly none of this matters as it is only to prove the point that we love music, we can’t live without it, but we treat it like it’s owed to us and the musicians aren’t important AND THAT NEEDS TO STOP. 

At the risk of sounding condescending (I know, I know, anyone who writes a blog this long about their opinion is probably condescending but...) I am going to lay this out for those who may not think about this particular musicians’ side of the story in hopes of opening some minds to paying for music again. 

For those who have never put out an album, you probably don't realize how expensive and time consuming they are. Not to mention how stressful it is to get a group of artistically minded individuals to come to an agreement on a thousand little decisions. I'm sure if there were stats on this it would show that most band break-ups happen somewhere during this process. True story. Cost-wise, if you’re not going full DIY but actually supporting professional studios, producers, graphic artists etc. then you’re looking at a minimum 4-5 Grand investment and just going up from there. 

You’ve probably heard how little streaming sites payout as well. Literally less than pennies. To give you an example, we were extremely happy when our last EP “We Threw You Under the Bus…” Hit 1000 streams. That took a lot of work getting it out to podcasts, reviews sites, promoters etc. and bothering good people like you on a regular basis to listen and share, put on playlists, blah, blah, blah... All of that earned us about $50. That doesn’t cover enough studio time to set up the drums.  

Some may argue that the music should be free to get people to our shows and to buy merch (cause you know, that’s where the money is)… for our shows, we make anywhere from $50-$150 and our merch, well, we sell enough to buy more and maybe walk away with $20-$80 in profit from a full order (which would take about a year to sell)… again, not to say we don’t appreciate all of that, it’s just not exactly reimbursing a 4 grand recording session etc. 

So here we are, about to release a 12 song album that took us 13 days in the studio to record and over 2 years to write and quite frankly… I want people to buy it. Not because I want to be rich from it but because we’ll likely never break even on it and we’ve already done the work for free (at a loss even). So if you genuinely like the music, please buy a copy. Now I know, most people have gotten rid of their CD players/i-pods etc. but you can always buy a CD to keep in the car or a digital download to throw on your phone or computer for a rainy day when you have no reception. Then, as they come out, throw the singles into your Spotify/i-tunes playlists etc. but buying the album is the best way to support the artists’ album. Hands down, cut and dry no givesies backsies times infinity. 

As mentioned, The Moröns will still be releasing the album on Spotify... one song a month for the next year as singles in hopes of curbing some of the “I’ll just wait till it’s on Spotify” responses we get all the time (which usually says to me that they don’t actually care anyway, but in the rare case that they do actually want the album but they’re saying that because they’re being cheap… just buy it, man!).  

This is not to say we don’t appreciate people listening to our stuff on Spotify. I myself love the platform and use it all the time, but I also buy albums simply to support the artists properly (my truck console is full of indie albums I’ve picked up and I love listening to them). I also believe that this will help with our Spotify account in many ways that I won’t bother getting into right now, but having dealt with them in the past, this definitely seems like the way to do it for many reasons. I know a lot of bands feel this way, but feel there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m gonna try this approach out because I’m tired of paying 10 bucks for a beer and then being told that my product isn’t worth anything and hope it works to get some more sales and to better push singles. It may totally blow up in my face, but what have I got to lose at this point? 

In short, if you like the album, throw some sheckles at it and support it so we can start work on the next one AND your continued support on Streamers, at shows and merch purchases are all still greatly appreciated. Our first single off the album is our self-titled track “M-O-R-ö-N-S” and will hit all major streamers next Friday the 20th. Follow us on Spotify to be notified when the singles drop and if you feel like buying a copy go to If we actually sell a decent number of albums/downloads we’ll put the entire album up sooner. 

Thanks for your time, long live the music!