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We've been saving all the money we've made from all of our shows this past year as well as previous EP sales to put towards our first full-length album. Alas, we're still a wee bit short and could use your help! If we don't raise our goal, we'll cover the rest out of our pockets so don't worry about us cancelling this down the road because we didn't raise enough... The album... is... happening! Our tentative release date is March 2020. Check out our Crowdfunding store below for all the different options we came up with to try and entice you to donate to our bitchin' cause and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you even took the time to read all this, we can't thank you enough already!!! Cheers!

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Usual Disclaimer Stuff: If we, for some crazy reason, can't deliver on your purchase you will be refunded in full. In order to protect our asses from some crazy people wanting us to do something too crazy or stupid, we must tell you that some restrictions apply and to please contact us for more info and that we can also refuse any sale for any reason. More than likely though, you're a relatively sane person so that shouldn't be an issue here.

PS Any Purchase Over $100 Will Get Your Name in the Albums 'Thanks' Listing i.e; you'll be famous!

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